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After a deeply traumatizing relationship and a CPTSD diagnosis,  I finally decided to take my life in my own hands. I realized that traditional therapy could only get me so far and what was missing was my deep connection to nature and spirituality. I forged my own path and leaned on Ancient teachings from indiginous cultures, Yogic Traditions, and modern neuroscience/biohackiong modalities. 

I was truly done allowing the traumas I experienced to continuing stealing my life from me. It was at the start of my own personal development and healing journey when I realized that every painful experience I had gone through was perfectly aligned to give me a greater understadning of the human suffering so many of us endure. Not only that, but it gave me a yearning to support others who had also gone through the depths of pain that i had. 


These painful experiences not only shaped who I am today, but they allow me the gift of being able to connect with you, exactly as you are right now. 

I see you. I am you. I love you.



Jessica Amendola is a highly skilled and compassionate Spiritual Alignment Coach who is dedicated to guiding individuals on their transformative journey towards personal growth, healing, and spiritual connection. With a deep understanding of the human experience, Jessica empowers her clients to unlock their full potential and discover their true purpose in life.

With a wealth of knowledge and expertise in various spiritual practices, healing modalities, and personal development techniques, Jessica provides a holistic and personalized approach to coaching. Through a combination of intuitive guidance, energy work, and mindful practices, she supports her clients in releasing limiting beliefs, breaking through barriers, and accessing their inner wisdom.

Clients working with Jessica can expect a safe and nurturing environment where they are encouraged to explore their innermost desires, beliefs, and emotions. By creating a strong foundation of trust and open communication, she helps individuals navigate the challenges and obstacles that may be holding them back from living a more fulfilling and joyful life.

One of Jessica's greatest gifts as a coach is her ability to assist clients in deepening their connection with themselves and their spirituality. By exploring and honoring their unique spiritual path, clients uncover profound insights and develop a stronger sense of self-awareness. Through this process, they gain the clarity and confidence needed to embrace their authenticity and share their unique medicine with the world.

Known for her empathetic nature and intuitive understanding, Jessica guides her clients towards self-acceptance, self-love, and deeper alignment with their true essence. She empowers individuals to embrace their strengths and harness their inherent gifts, allowing them to manifest their dreams and create positive change in their lives and the lives of others.

Whether you are seeking clarity, healing, or a stronger connection to your spirituality, Jessica Amendola, as a compassionate and experienced Spiritual Alignment Coach, is dedicated to supporting you on your personal development journey. Through her guidance, you will gain the tools and insights needed to break through barriers, embrace your purpose, and bring your unique medicine to the world. Together, you will embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and spiritual growth.

Jessica Amendola


My mission as a Spiritual Alignment Coach is to help you remember who you are at your core and why you are here on this Earth. Each of us is born with a unique medicine to share with the world, our greatest offering. But when traumas and painful life experiences happen, our medicine gets covered by thick painful layers and can be completely unrecognizable. It's easy to get caught in patterns and trauma loops that keep us stuck, without even realizing it. This is when a Coach is incredibly helpful. I believe the greatest offering I can give to another is simply helping you remember who you are. 


I'm not here to change you, only to help bring out more of YOU. All of the wisdom resides deep within you, my intention is just here to show you how to access it.  

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