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After 20 years of suffering from CPTSD, I finally decided to take my life in my own hands. I was done allowing the traumas I experienced to continuing stealing my life from me. It was at the start of my own personal development and healing journey when I realized that going through each of these experiences was actually the greatest gifts I would ever be given. These painful experiences not only shaped who I am today, but they allow me the gift of being able to connect with you, exactly as you are right now. 

Since our work will almost entirely be focused on YOU, your growth, development, and discovering your medicine, I would love to share a bit about myself here. 

I see you. I am you. I love you.


My entire life was turned upside down one day when, at 9 months pregnant, I discovered my husband's double life and the many, many affairs he was having behind my back. Everything I knew was a lie and I was now thousands of miles away from my friends and family, in a home with a stranger.

After my daughter was born, it only took me 3 months to know that this was not the path I wanted for my life, nor the relationship I wanted to model for my daughter. I left with all of my accounts negative and zero dollars to my name. I started over completely,  while raising a newborn alone.

In the 20 years prior, I had experienced physical, emotional, and sexual abuse, I had been betrayed and abandoned time and time again, experienced my own father abandoning me, amongst other things too graphic to name here. When I say I understand your pain, I mean it. But at any point we can decide when it is enough.

It was at that moment when I left my marriage when I really started to notice my own patterns and how my pain was attracting a certain type of person. I attracted people into my life who would suck the life out of me, take advantage of my kindness, and use my empathy to their advantage, only to abandon me once the abuse was done. I was repeating the patterns that had been developed in childhood and adolescence.

I made the decision that I would spend as long as I needed completely alone, focusing solely on my healing and growth. I needed to change my own patterns to avoid continuing to attract the same type of people. I dove deep into a daily meditation practice, sobriety, and many years of self-study, learning from the best on how to heal my traumas and turn my life in a positive direction.

When my daughter was just 6-months old, I launched a business out of my hobby of Paddleboard Yoga, which I was able to turn into a 6-figure business, with over 600 instructors through my trainings and dozens of coaching clients, helping them launch their own floating yoga studios. All while raising a child alone and doing the most transformative healing work of my entire life.

I have coached many clients, just like you, and helped them through their own healing journey, to discover their unique gifts and medicine, and propel them on a new path of abundance in all areas (abundance doesn't only mean money but it absolutely does mean that too). 

After many years of learning from some of the greatest Teachers, studying Ancient texts, seeking guidance from Healers, I finally paused my outward seeking and truly went within. It was then that I really understood and witnessed that all of this wisdom they were all tapped into, resides within me too. And when I'm quiet enough, when I take the time to connect, I can remember and hear those Ancient Rumblings, my deep Inner Knowing that has all of the answers. In fact, I believe that the greatest Teachers that have walked this Earth only become so because they healed their trauma, they peeled their layers off, and remembered who they are in order to access that God-Consciousness. 


Our work together, and my methods, are simply a remembering for what your soul already knows. I'm just a few steps ahead of you and would love to show you how to do this too.

It's time to stop repeating the story. 

Let's discover your medicine.

My Story


My mission as a Spiritual Alignment Coach is to help you remember who you are at your core and why you are here on this Earth. Each of us is born with a unique medicine to share with the world, our greatest offering. But when traumas and painful life experiences happen, our medicine gets covered by thick painful layers and can be completely unrecognizable. It's easy to get caught in patterns and trauma loops that keep us stuck, without even realizing it. This is when a Coach is incredibly helpful. I believe the greatest offering I can give to another is simply helping you remember who you are. 


I'm not here to change you, only to help bring out more of YOU. All of the wisdom resides deep within you, my intention is just here to show you how to access it.  

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