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1:1 Coaching is the deepest level of personal support that Jessica can offer you. Her experience with coaching ranges from (but is not limited to) personal development, business growth, trauma healing, deconstructing religious trauma, intuitive guidance, and spiritual growth. The intention for all individual coaching is to help you release patterns and stories, bringing you closer to your True Nature and all of the magic you have to offer. From this place, one can naturally discover more of their purpose in this world and find more fulfillment in living in that place .


Jessica currently has availability for 3 and 6-month private coaching containers*. If you are interested in working together,  please submit the application below and schedule your 25 minute consultation with Jessica. 

*Scholarship opportunities are available to those who qualify.


If you find yourself curious about 1:1 coaching work, chances are there may be one or more areas in your life you feel stuck.. Be it in your own body, in your partnership, in your close friendships, in your business, or just life in general.

Working with a coach is one of the fastest ways to make major breakthroughs in your life and propel to the next level.

Jessica's coaching containers are intimate and safe experiences for you to dive deep together. You will have a safe, loving space to share your hurts and wounds, to unpack traumas, to have someone lovingly help you see your patterns holding you back, to have a cheerleader supporting you and pushing you past your edges, and a Sister, right alongside you deeply invested in your life with you.

If you are seeking a deep level of support and love, plus help getting to the next level in your life, you have come to the right place!

1:1 Coaching Options

Individual Sessions (75 minutes)

Individual sessions are helpful as add-ons to your coaching container or for single deep-dive sessions if you're not quite sure about committing to a package. These can be purchased and scheduled anytime.

Coaching Packages

Coaching packages are purchased in either 3 or 6-month containers and are the best option if you are desiring growth and ready to dive-in. These containers require a level of commitment and full-body yes that tell the Universe that you are truly ready for deep growth.

Working together in a container such as a long-term package will allow us to dive in deep to examine your daily habits, patterns, and behaviors that are keeping you stuck. From there, we will slowly find the roots of where these were established, in order to find true integration and create new habits, patterns, and behaviors. 

This process, when implemented fully, has the power to take you to the next level in every aspect including personal, relational, and financial. 

These options include a custom gift box with items that will help you on our time together (gift boxes are customized for each person depending on your needs but can include things such as Ceremonial Cacao, Manifestation Journal, Supplements, or Sacred Practice Items). *Payment Plans available upon request.

In-Person Day Immersion

Day immersions are a deep-dive into trauma healing. This is a 6-hour session and because of the nature and depth of this work, are only available to current clients who have been approved for this experience. 

*Note: Scholarship opportunities are available to those who qualify. If you are seeking support and struggling financially, let's talk. 

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