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The feminine practice of opening is a lost art in a world of "boss babe" culture.
Unfortunately, for many of us, this means we have lost our very nature and the medicine that is the feminine.


This workshop is meant for you if any of the following feel true:


You feel in any area of your life that you have become cold or hard

You have a hard time receiving compliments

You feel guilty for doing things you enjoy, just because

You find yourself needing to control others

You hear yourself nagging others and can't stop it

You have to stay busy and can get uncomfortable with stillness 

If you notice other women shining and get slightly triggered (or maybe a lot)

If you've adapted the mindset that "everyone else comes first"

This workshop is a beautiful blend of embodiment practices, as well as learning and growing together. 

You will walk away from this workshop with an understanding of what it means to be open, how it feels in your body, and learn how to connect and flourish from our feminine essence to create more passion, joy, bliss, and peace in your life.

The world needs your unique medicine. It is time to rise into the radiant woman that you are.

No upcoming events at the moment
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