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Upcoming Dates TBA

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This course is designed to help you peel back all of the layers covering up your magic, your wisdom, and those ancient rumblings that hold the answer for all you are seeking.

You don't need to keep searching, Dear One. It's all within.

In this online course, we will journey together through weekly video sessions, biweekly movement practices, daily devotional self-practices, and a group connection container, all designed to help guide you back home to yourself . 


Is This You?

  • You are ready to be confident in deciphering whether it's your intuition or fear speaking to you

  • You want to get unstuck in one or more areas of your life

  • You are ready to connect deeper to your inner wisdom

  • You are ready to embody your inner Goddess and let her rule your life

  • You want to drop the trauma loop of staying busy

  • You have a desire to feel grounded

  • You are ready to say yes to that tug to go deeper within

A note from Jessica about Remembering You... 

Throughout my 15 years of self-exploration and personal development work, studying the work of some of the greatest Teachers, the most profound shift happened for me when  I stopped turning to others to give me the answers and my soul was able to remember all of the Ancient Wisdom which resides deep within me.

 In order to access this wisdom, I needed to first peel off the layers of other people's expectations of me, patterns developed in childhood, trauma wounds, and teachings that I no longer resonated with... This retreat is meant to help you do just that and discover more of your unique magic and wisdom deep within. The truth is that while there are many amazing Teachers to learn from, you don't need me or anyone else. You simply need to remember the Ancient Wisdom and hear the deep Rumblings within you. They're there, I promise. 

I'm so excited to share these transformative practices with you and ultimately help you remember all of your own magic. My intention is not to be another teacher you seek answers from, but to be a guide showing you the practices that will get you more in touch with your own inner Teacher. This is where the magic is and your unique medicine that the world is waiting on. 

Live Course Schedule

Live Sessions   |    11am-1pm EST

January 25th

February 1st

February 8th

February 15th

Live Movement Practice   |   8pm-9:30pm EST

January 28th

February 11th

All sessions will be recorded and emailed to participants for replay. If you cannot join us live, you can practice on your own and still join our community platform for support.


(Yes, you're worth it!)

Early Bird |  $222

After 1/6    |  $333

Registration for this event is closed!
We look forward to seeing you at a future virtual event!

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