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Alicia Sessoms
6-Month Coaching Container

Thank you for saying YES to Spiritual Alignment Coaching!
I am truly honored to dive into this work together and support you on your journey.

Included in your container:
2 Sessions per Month (75 minutes)
Voxer Coaching (unlimited during working hours 9-5est*)
Gift Box filled with amazing items to support you in our work together

*In the event of an emergency or trigger, you may message me *Emergency* or *trigger* and I will respond outside of my working hours. I want to support you during the hard moments!

Please know that at times this work may get difficult but you will not be alone in it. 
The way to receive the best results is to come into this with an open mind and an open heart.
I always welcome your feedback and communication if something isn't feeling right!


Your payment of $7,700 can be made via money transfer or Paypal. 

Money Transfer

Can be paid via zelle or by transfer through your bank

Account # 9251233558
Wire Transfer # 121000248 

Wells Fargo - Jessica Amendola
110 Elevacres Road
Leicester, NC 28748

Thank you Alicia!


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