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May 2nd - 5th, 2024

A weekend experience in upscale cabins, diving into personal development and wellness, designed to help you peel back the layers covering up the magic of you. 

Enjoy a break from everyday life and melt into restoration surrounded by the healing Appalachian Mountains, quiet forests, and pristine creek waters at our private retreat center.  We will explore personal development and movement practices designed to to give you space to connect deeper to yourself, your inner wisdom, and remember who you truly are and all of the magic you have to share with the world.

What's Included:

  • Accommodations in Upscale Cabins

(Private & Shared Options Available)

  • Private Chef on-site

  • Daily Yoga and Meditation Classes

  • Daily Personal Development Workshops

  • Group Coaching with Jessica

  • Guided Shame Release Ceremony

  • Fire Release Ceremony

  • Sacred Cacao Ceremony

  • Daily Immersive Workshops

  • Full-Access to Property for Hiking, Creeks, and Mountain Views

  • Full-Size Fridge in Room

  • Organic Mattresses and Bedding

  • Goddess Gift Bag

  • 60 Minute Massage

  • Goddess Facial

  • Sauna/Cold Plunge Experience

  • Plus Optional Add-Ons



The following photos show a few of the many room options at this retreat. While we cannot guarantee which room you will receive, we can do our best to accommodate any special requests. If you'd like request to be in the same cabin as a friend, please make a note of this at checkout!

A note from Jess about the Remembering You...
Throughout my 15 years of self-exploration and personal development work, studying the work of some of the greatest Teachers, the most profound shift happened for me when  I stopped turning to others to give me the answers and my soul was able to remember all of the Ancient Wisdom which resides deep within me. 
In order to access this wisdom, I needed to first peel off the layers of other people's expectations of me, patterns developed in childhood, trauma wounds, and teachings that I no longer resonated with... 
This retreat is meant to help you do just that and discover more of your unique magic and wisdom deep within. 
The truth is that while there are many amazing Teachers to learn from, you don't need me or anyone else. You simply need to remember the Ancient Wisdom and hear the deep Rumblings within you. They're there, I promise. My goal is to help you remember.

What to Expect:

Experience your everyday life melting away as you are immersed in this incredible wooded retreat center, tucked in the middle of some of the country's most beautiful and healing mountains.

During this weekend retreat, we will be diving into practices to help you reconnect with your Inner Child, connect with your Higher/Future Self, and ultimately bridge the two to discover and remember all of the unique medicine and magic that is you, right now.

If you've been feeling stuck in any area of your life, experience unfulfilling relationships, have a hard time sitting still in meditation, aren't sure what inner child work is, have a job that you're not excited to go to, or have no clue how to even access your intuitive voice, this experience may just be exactly what you need. 

My dear, all of the wisdom and answers you have been seeking to find exist right within you. I am so excited to share these practices that have helped me any many of my clients do just that. 

My hope is that after experiencing this weekend retreat, you will be more grounded and solid in who you are, what you have to offer, your own personal values and beliefs, and feel overall better about how you show up in the world. These practices will be ones that you can take with you and use to continue going deeper and deeper within. 

In between group sessions, there will be free time for self-reflection, personal time, nature exploration, sitting by the fire, or whatever feels most nourishing for your heart in each moment. While it is not required for you to participate fully in all of the sessions, it is highly encouraged in order to get the most out of this experience. 


I would bet that you didn't think twice to enroll your child in that summer camp or extracurricular activities. But when is the last time you invested in YOU. In your personal growth, in your JOY, in your bliss... You deserve this and you will feel that tug on your heart if it is right. I am honored to offer you an experience that will leave you feeling refreshed, nurtured, alive, and give you amazing tools that will benefit not only YOU, but every single person in your life. Don't hesitate to invest in you, darling. You deserve it. 

Includes all meals, shared lodging*, ceremonies, massage, facial, Sauna Experience, and group coaching and workshops. Add-ons available at cost.

Early Bird (through 3/17) - $1,700
Regular Rate (through 4/14) - $2,300
Last Minute
- $2,700

Locals Day Passes Available!

Your space will be reserved with a deposit. 
*Please note, this rate is for shared lodging. Private lodging is available for an additional fee.

In order to maintain a beautiful and intimate experience, spaces are limited. Please fill out the intake form below and follow the instructions to submit your deposit to reserve your space!

We look forward to seeing you at our Spring Immersion!

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